May 04, 2014

May Printable- Vintage Hankie Tags

Ready for another free printable?

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This one is a beaut.
A true granny chic original-

Vintage Hankie Tags.

I love vintage hankies.
I try to have my girls keep one in their bag,
just like our grandmas used to.

It's a tradition that I so want to keep alive in our family.

Every time I see a hankies for sale while
 thrifting or antiquing, I grab them up.
I have a pretty great collection.

Here are a few pics from my collection-

 Each hankie is always covered in a gorgeous floral
pattern and design. And the color ways are a-mazing.

 I thought how fun 
would it be to edit some gorgeous hankie designs
into a sweet tag.

These pretties go right along with the Vintage Farm theme
that I am crushing on this spring and Summer.

I took actual images of hankies,
cropped, them. Then edited their color, added a border 
and shaped them into these amazing tags.

Take a look.

I created blank ones and I also did a set 
with Mother's Day sentiments.

I'm thrilled at how they came out.

Aren't they gorgeous?

So bright and vivid.

I hope you have fun with these.

They will look amazing on your Mother's day gifts.

I also made a garland for my studio, with a set.

 Isn't it cute?

If you would like these free tags I designed-
Go Here for sentiment version tags-
(you will have to open a free scribd account
 if you don't have one already, to get my printables.
That is the platform I use to store my free printable designs)


Let me know if you use and enjoy these.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks- I'm pretty smitten with them myself.

  2. These are so sweet! I'm dying over the garland made with them! I'm going to have to start buying more. I can't wait for summer so I can get to estate sales on the first day. :)

    1. So glad you like them. I just love all the pretty colors that hankies have. Hope you get to print some.


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