April 29, 2014

A Vintage Farm Inspired Handmade

I wanted to share a super simple, but adorable
craft that I made recently. I love the vintage farm
theme, especially for the summer...
red gingham, feed sack,  pic-nics, old tablecloths....

 I thought this easy little craft evoked the vintage farm appeal-

Vintage fabric covered clothespins.

Clothes pins are about as vintage farm as you can get.

This isn't a new idea, duh. 
I'm sure you have see all sorts
of covered clothes pin ideas.

Here is whatI did.

Mod Podge
clothes pins
paint brush
cute vintage fabric scraps.

I painted on the mod podge,

then roughly covered the wet pins with fabric.

It is easier to trim the fabric, after it has dried.
I put a top coat on as well.

Here are more lined up waiting to dry...

There, all done and as cute as can be.

They are a perfect little gift, and make any thing
look vintage.

A pack of these all done up would make a lovely
bridal shower gift or baby gift.

This is a great project for scrap busting, as us
seamstresses like to say. I have a bunch of vintage feed
sack scraps that aren't big enough for a large project,
but are perfect for this one.

Here are the others I made-
I went a little crazy. It is so addicting.


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  1. Sweet! I'll try again. Thanks so much! Love your ideas!!


It's always such a treat hearing from you.

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