December 16, 2013

A Winter Treat, and free Printable

 I've got another treat idea for ya-
and another cute printable.
I know crazy, right?
I'm on a roll with printable ideas
this Winter. 
Let's look at what I made up for my friends
and family this month as a treat.

If you remember, I try to make a little
goodie every month to give out.
Go here to see what other
treat ideas I've come up with.

Let us continue....

Here is what I came up with-
a treat spoons.  And check out
that cute tag? Isn't it just darling?


Treat spoon- Funny name, but that is what it is.

I'm sure you have see versions of this before.
You put melted chocolate and other yummy bits,
on a spoon. To enjoy, you stir into a piping hot
beverage, preferably coffee or cocoa.

Here is what I did-

I picked out some sweet edible embellishments,
to decorate my chocolate spoons.

I picked out blue plastic spoons, because that is the color
I love for Winter. And then picked up some long
treat bags, perfect for this project.

I melted some chocolate (I used semi sweet chocolate chips), 
slowly so it stays 
warm and doesn't burn. I used a "ban marie",
(bowl over pan of hot water).

Then I scooped some chocolate into my spoon,
and decorated.  Some folks dip the whole spoon into
the melted chocolate. I preferred the "clean" look.

I used clear spoons too.

I also melted white chocolate.

I had a little helper.

She did good.

To decorate and package up these little yummy bites-
I designed this oval tag from a vintage card.

You like?
I know you are thinking, "more deers"?
You can never have too many deer tags.
And if you remember, deers are part of my Winter theme.

There are six on a page-
If you would like this free tag,
then go Here

For "ribbon" I used some left over
blue glitzy fabric, I had from a sewing project.

I added a snowflake to each tag, that I cut on my cricut.

 I think they are super sweet.

I took some pics outside in the snow for added effect,
take a gander.

Pretty in Pyrex, of course.

love this Snowflake pattern-

This was a super easy and fun treat to make.
The tag can be used for any Winter treat.

I love this verse from the Psalms-
The vintage deer graphic goes perfectly with it.

One of my little deers had to be in a pic too.

Again, if you would like this free printable,
then go Here to get it.

For my other free printables go here.


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  1. I love the clean-filled spoon with the random bits of yummies! So pretty!

    1. Thanks. The clean filled style spoon seemed more pretty looking.

  2. I love the colors of your blog, and those little deer tags are adorable!
    Merry Christmas,

    1. Thanks Dorothy for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed your peek at my blog. I love color, so I try to jam it in here as much as possible. Hope you can use the little deer tags.

  3. I love the the little deer tags with the verse on them! Thank you so much for sharing them! These will be great to attach to the little gifts I made for my Bible Study ladies! Merry Christmas!


It's always such a treat hearing from you.

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