April 15, 2014

Some Granny Chic- Vintage Crochet

I thrifted a great little crochet afghan pamphlet
recently, and I wanted to share with you 
the drool worthy images and patterns that
all of you "Grannyites" adore.

It isn't dated, but it looks like it could
be from the late 50's to early 60's.
It was only 29 cents. Those were the days.
See what you think.

I have high hopes of making one of these in the Fall.
I'm forced inside due to weather conditions
and it will be the perfect time to dive into a new crochet project.

Here is is.
Isn't the blanket on the cover amazing?
The color combination is striking.

I have a similar version, in white and orange.

It is a smaller lap type quilt.

Isn't it gorgeous?

The pattern in this pamphlet is called,
 'The New Charleston Garden'.
There are lots of different versions 
of this rose/flower out there.

At the end of this post- I will put pictures up of
this pattern if your interested in trying this original pattern.

Check out this beauty.

 Flower Garden is a fitting name.
I think I want to try a small version of this pretty.

The "Mesh Diamond" is a pretty classic pattern too.

A few more pretty styles.

Ok- not sure about the tiger one.
Especially because of how they styled it here..eek
The Ripple is a great pattern though that I see lots
of gals re-creating
I actually thrifted a couple below.

This pattern is crazy gorgeous-
and it is a "Flower Fountain".

Here they show you the layout and colors by chart.

Here is a nautical themed child afghan.
Pretty cute.
It would look amazing in a boys vintage theme nursery.

More charts.

Feeling American?
This piece would be perfect for that man in your life....hehe

Hope you had fun seeing these patterns.
I will keep you apprised of my future projects
from this pamphlet. 


Pattern for the 'The New Charleston Garden'.

April 08, 2014

Thrifting, and other Things

I have been happily busy around the
house; organizing, sewing, teaching kids,
decorating and thrifting.....

Here are few pics of what I've been up to.

Making and arranging....


Lots of great thrifting....

Trying out new Ice Cream recipes...

Sewing new Spring dresses....

Its a great Spring so far.

What have you been up to?


April 04, 2014

April Printable-It's So Dear

New addition to the Printable a Month Club.

Go here to see what other free printables
I have designed.

Aren't they so sweet.

I got the image off of a vintage greeting card.

I edited it and cleaned it up.

I did a few with "you're a dear" and "For You" sentiment.

The Bible scripture I chose is from Galatians 5:22, 23,
about having the fruit of the Spirit.

Look it up if you haven't read it in a while.

 It's a wonderful verse for
Spring and the growing season,
and frankly for any time.

For fun I also added a Shakespeare quote,

"April hath put a spirit of 
youth in everything".

Didn't they turn out cute?
If you would like this printable then go Here.

I hope you enjoy it and can bless another with it.


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April 01, 2014

Teaching Your Kids The Bible

I posted about this topic,
Teaching Your Children The Bible
(which is near and dear to my heart),
 a year or two ago.
 I updated some info, and consolidated all
of the posts, (parts 1-4).
I thought it would be fun to re-post and re-visit.
 It has proven to be a fairly popular post here on the blog.

Teaching Your Children The Bible

Since I teach my children at home and the Bible is 
 our main curriculum,
I thought that I might have a few tips
 up my sleeve in helping you teach your kids the Bible.

I'm no expert, and there are a lot of
other great ideas out there.

These are just some things that have worked for
our family for the last 20 years.

Hopefully I can encourage you as
a mom to teach your kids the Bible on
a daily basis.

Why Teach Your Kids the BIBLE?
Here are a few thoughts to ponder.

As Christian parents, who worship the Risen Lord,
it should be the #1 desire of our heart.
It should be our goal that our children
know that One who created them,
and who is the Savior of their\ our souls.

This may seem harsh, (it applies to me too),
but it is your responsibility to teach your children,
not anyone else.

You alone know your child the best.

This passage in Deuteronomy is a great reminder-

"And ye shall teach them your
children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine
house, and when thou walkest by the way,
when thy liest down, and when thou risest up.
And thou shalt write them,
upon the doorposts of thine house,
and upon thy gates".
Deut. 11:19,20

What a challenge to us moms and dads,
to pretty much teach our
kids God's laws and words everyday and
in every way.

The Bible is the Believers manual, or map for life.
Don't we want our kids to have a
working knowledge of that map before they
go out and manage the roads of life?

 I'm definitely not a Bible scholar,
but I am trying every day to know HIM more,
through my own reading and study.
I've done (or am doing) 
with my 5 kids, the tips I'll be
sharing with you.

"Thy word have I hidden in my heart,
that I might not sin against Thee".
Psalm 119:11

Start Young

When it comes to teaching your kiddos the Bible
I've found through the years that,

1. start young
2. keep it simple

We have read the Bible aloud
 to our kids since they were babes.
They became familiar with our voices 
and became aquainted with 
the physical action of reading.
We pretty much stuck to (and still do) 
 reading directly out of the Bible,
for all ages.

Here is a little peek into what
we do for our Bible time;

We pray first.  Then
I (if its during the day)
or my husband (at night) read
 a small portion of scripture,
then ask a few questions to see if
they were listening.
I also have them repeat
back what we just read
(depending on the age of course).

Those of you home schooling moms
who use tools from the 
know this concept as Narration.
It is a great tool to help
you and your kids see if 
they understand what they have read or heard.

We also sing a hymn or 2 and
work on the memory verse for that
month or week
Then we close in prayer.

There are several on-line resources that
I have been using that have been super helpful 
for my family and I.

The first one is Calvary Curriculum.
A ministry of Calvary Chapel.

I love having coloring pages and questions 
that are reproducible and that go along with 
the story we are reading and studying.
They are free and cover pretty much all of the 
Bible stories.  This is one of my favorite
resources. Go check them out.
My older kids enjoy the question sheets too.

Here are a few other spots that have some great
coloring and activity sheets that we have used.

Here is a little reality check.....
There are days that just don't seem to
jive and it might seem your just
forcing something, and your words
are just hitting the wall.
Take a deep breath and maybe just
take a break for a few days.
Allow the kids and you to re-group.
Then try again.


Try just singing a song,
or have the kids
act out the story you read
from last time.
Do some Bible Trivia, or Bible type game.

Trying different things, always makes
it more fresh for all everyone.

It was and is very important to us,
to pick readers and aides,
that didn't butcher the Bible stories
or leave out key stories.

That is why I pretty much just stick with reading straight 
from the Bible, when my kids and I
are studying together.

We never want or wanted 
to confuse our kids either
with stories, videos or CD's that mis-represented
the Lord and His word.

We also want our
kids to be solid on theology. 
We want them to know what we
believe, as Christians.
 That for us is very important.

Here are a few Bible readers and devotional books
that have aided us through the years
in teaching our children the Bible.

A Bible Overview
one of our favorites.

Remember these younger years are so formative.
Character study and the scriptures
are hand and glove.
Establishing their enjoyment and knowledge
of the Bible at a young age pays
off when they grow older.

What does Proverbs 22:6 say?
"Train up a child in the way he should
go; and when he is old he will not depart from it".

There is total truth to that verse.

This is what we do according to age.

Infant to 8 years old
This is where you are laying a foundation.
Everything is new.
We do stories from Old Testament
with New Testament verses
mixed in, to enforce character training.
Use additional Bible readers or age
appropriate devotionals.

9-12 years
They are remembering more every year, at this point.
If you started young, these years are the "review and
expound years".
You'll be teaching with more details
 on the Biblical stories and truths.
Use the Old Testament with Gospels and Epistles.
Lots of wonderful discussions and questions
start to occur.  Theological truths can really begin
to be expounded upon.

13 years and up
They should begin to see the importance of
Bible reading in these years, and be pretty well
versed on Bible stories and have a fair amount
of scripture memorized.
They can actually read the Bible on their
own, and have their own "Quiet Time".
You can then come together as a family,
and discuss what they are reading.
For the New Year each of our 4 older children
have picked out a schedule to read through
the Bible in a year on their own.
Check out this post for more info on doing that.

My husband uses the One Year Bible with the kids in the evening.
It covers OT, NT, Proverbs and a Psalm everyday.
I highly recommend using this Bible option.

Repetition and Submersion

The best way of learning anything,
as some of you may know,
is with repetition and submersion.
We use these techniques for
learning a language, lyrics to a song...

These same learning techniques work
wonderfully for getting you and
your children familiar with the Bible.

In addition to you the parent,
reading and discussing
the Bible with your kids,
Below are a few more resources that
our family has found helpful in
getting the Word "into us".

Some great tools we use all the time are
Cd's and tapes.

There are some really
great Cd's out there, that put
scripture to music.  It is
such a great way to memorize the Word.
Our long time favorites, that have been around a
long time-

Great for younger kids-
my older kids (15 and 16) still know
all the verses from these songs.
We have the Video\ DVD versions too,
that we watch over and over again.

Another resource that is the best-
The whole Bible on CD.
You can listen to it in the car,
have it on during the day around the house.
We play it in the kids rooms,
 as they go to sleep.

If you have an iphone, or ipad
there are some great Bible apps that have 
different audible versions.
We use this resource the most.

Another set of CD's that we just love,
and always give as gifts is called-

They are a wonderful ministry.
Some Cd's are scripture in song,
and some take the Westminister
and put them to music.
We just treasure the good solid
foundation we and our children are getting from 
these CD's.
Check out their site.

Another wonderful resource is 

They have a great ministry of scripture in song
 to children and families.
Each Cd is a total enjoyment to listen too.
I love to listen as much as my kids do.
There is nothing better than learning God's word
through music. 

You can take a listen to them on itunes and You Tube.
They have a wonderful vision
of getting the Word into our families.
Check them out.

Another tip-
Have scripture displayed around your home.
Have it written on 3x5 cards on the fridge,
have it printed up and framed in your living room.
I posted about that here.
Have the kids copy it down as part of their
daily copy work lessons.
Have God's Word displayed where
everyone can see it and read it.

A helpful tool we have been using to
guide us in our Scripture memory,
is from a ministry called The Navigators.
Here is the link to the topical memory system were doing.
It has been fun and challenging to work
on memorizing these key verses.

A few closing points-

-take every opportunity to teach God's Word.

-pic a time to read that is conducive to
learning. When kids are perky and alert.
I use lunchtime. Their mouths are busy and 
so I have a captive audience.

-try different resources and different
times to read.  See what works for your family.
Every family is different, don't compare your style 
to anothers.

-lastly, enjoy the time you have teaching and reading with your
kids.  It is a privaledge and a honor to teach them God's Word.

 Hope you find this post helpful and encouraging.


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