July 15, 2014

Vintage Nursery Collectables

I have a little collection of cute vintage nursery planters.
They are so sweet, I wanted to share them with you.

I have been gathering these cuties 
for a few years now from my thrifting adventures.

Most of them are pink and girly....
I have 4 daughters and 1 son, so
I tend to be heavy on the pink side of nursery decor.

These little guys are all planters.
They are all vintage except for the block planter.

Back in the day,  (1940's and 1950's) 
folks would gift new moms
with arrangements and small potted plants.

I still see the occasional FTD baby arrangement 
using similar glass planters...

I've had fun displaying them in our babies 
rooms throughout the years..
They are all too old for them now.
When I did use them nursery wise,
I would store little things in them that I needed...
powder, pacifiers, safety pins....

Now I use them in my studio for pens and gluesticks.

They are just so cute.
They make a perfect baby shower gift.
I did a post about gifting one of these here.

I just adore vintage nursery items-
especially these little guys.


July 08, 2014

Vintage Brooch Heaven

Many of you might remember the post
 I did way back about my "weakness ".
My weakness for Vintage enamel
flower brooches that is.
Go here or here if you don't remember.

Since those posts, I have added several
more brooches to my collection-
via thrifting and birthday gifts.

Here they are-

These were all $2-5.
Great prices of you ask me.
So happy to have found them.
My local thrift stores have rocked it lately.

These gorgeous Brooches above, were all gifted to
me by my sister. Thanks girl.
Isn't she the best?
She knows me well.

I also have a new way to display my pins-

I took some old frames,
removed the glass.
Then I covered some large pieces of cardboard 
with black felt.
It works perfect for brooches.
The felt is porous and makes it
easy to pouch your pin through.
It has been such a fun way to display them

Like Works of Art.

Sorry the pic is wonky, but furniture 
blocks my ability to shoot it straight.

-a few close-ups.

They are sure fun to look at everyday.
It like a flower garden all year.


June 30, 2014

Retro 'Happy Mail' Labels

I love writing letters.
In fact, I have several pen pals that 
I write on a regular basis. There are lots of
us out there that want to keep snail mail alive.
Part of the fun of sending mail is
  decorating my envelopes and packages
with fun stickers and great lettering.
I wanted a cute, retro styled label to use,
so I came up with these.

Snail Mailers unite!

Here they are.

Aren't they great?
It was fun searching for mail themed images
I cropped, edited and tidy upped the images 
from vintage ads, greeting cards and children's books-
from the 40's and 50's.

Sentiments I created...
'written with love'
'special delivery'
You've got mail'
'mail call'
'sign, sealed, delivered'
and of course,
'happy mail'.

I just love how they turned out.
Who wouldn't love to get a letter with a cute label
like these, on it?

This image just cracked me up.
There have been times when I did
want to hug the mail man.
Especially when he brings fun packages 
and lots of letters.
That is a "happy Mail" day fore sure. 

I printed mine on sticker paper.
It is actually just a huge label sheet that is 8 1\2 by 11,
 made by avery. I got mine pack at staples.

But if you don't have sticker paper, have no fear
just print on regular white paper 
and then just glue them to your envelope or package.

These retro labels would make a cute gift in and of themselves.

I've been using mine already.

Go Here to get these fun, free snail mail labels.
(you will have to open a free scribd account
 if you don't have one already, to get my printables.
That is the platform I use to store my free printable designs)

I'd love to hear if you use and enjoy these.
personal use only please.


June 22, 2014

Retro Vase Re-Creation

I wanted to share a super fun easy spray paint 
project that I did recently.

It's is so cheap and easy that I'm a bit 
embarrassed to even share it.

Spray painted plastic vases.

That's it.

They came out so pretty and retro, that I can't 
wait to spray more.
You'll see what I mean in a second.

I bought the plastic vases below-
at none other than the dollar store.

The vases have pretty good detail for being just plastic.

Then I picked out my colors,
which was very hard. I was going to 
do all the blue hues or greens, but decided
on a trio of tonal shades based on the primary family.

 I then sprayed away.

I spayed on a light coat because I wanted a vintage
glass feel. The light can still shine through.

If you want a more shiny modern look, a 
heavy coat of paint would be the way to go.
It too would be beautiful.

Aren't they gorgeous?

I'm just blown away how great they turned out.

The colors remind me of shades you might find
in a 1950's kitchen; aqua, pink and yellow.
I think they give a 'granny chic' or 'vintage farm' vibe too.

 I like that the detail of the vase is still
visible. Having not such a thick coat of
paint helped too. I think they really look like glass.

They are like little works of art even without flowers.

These would be perfect for a party or retro gathering.
Paint them in any color you want and bam, instant
gorgeousness. I'm not worried if they were to break.

Now with flowers.

My roses are still at it.

 Sorry about all of the pics-
they are just so pretty.

This project is an easy way to bring in 
a pop of color to your decor or tablescape.

Up on the mantel-

I hope you give this a try.
It is a perfect Summer project.
I can't wait to paint a few more in different colors.


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