April 22, 2014

Mini-Binder Project: Hospitality and Entertaining Printable

A new installment for those of you doing the Mini binder project
with me. Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything.

For this post I designed 2 printables for ya.

So I guess it was worth the wait. ha

The first printable is a divider for your entertaining section
of your binder, and a "recipes to try" page.

Isn't this a cute graphic?
I thought it was fitting for entertaining-
there are always lots of dishes to do after having folks over.

For the recipe page- I put this cute little mom and daughter
baking graphic. You can print this page on any color paper.
I chose this leaf green card stock.

For the next printable-
I designed a "hospitality" page. Use it to write the
names of family and friends you would like to have over-
or use to to keep track of who you have had over, and what 
you made to eat.

I love this colored graphic. I think these pages look
better on white card stock or paper. But you could print 
this page out on any light colored paper.

The other printable is this cute 'To do" list page.
Use it to keep track of anything really.

Here they are in my binder.
I left the hole punch blank, so you can punch it according to
your binder size.

If you would like the Hospitality and To Do Page 

If you enjoy these, then let me know.

To see the other printables
I designed for My Mini- Binder project the
go here.

Thanks and tootles.

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April 15, 2014

Some Granny Chic- Vintage Crochet

I thrifted a great little crochet afghan pamphlet
recently, and I wanted to share with you 
the drool worthy images and patterns that
all of you "Grannyites" adore.

It isn't dated, but it looks like it could
be from the late 50's to early 60's.
It was only 29 cents. Those were the days.
See what you think.

I have high hopes of making one of these in the Fall.
I'm forced inside due to weather conditions
and it will be the perfect time to dive into a new crochet project.

Here is is.
Isn't the blanket on the cover amazing?
The color combination is striking.

I have a similar version, in white and orange.

It is a smaller lap type quilt.

Isn't it gorgeous?

The pattern in this pamphlet is called,
 'The New Charleston Garden'.
There are lots of different versions 
of this rose/flower out there.

At the end of this post- I will put pictures up of
this pattern if your interested in trying this original pattern.

Check out this beauty.

 Flower Garden is a fitting name.
I think I want to try a small version of this pretty.

The "Mesh Diamond" is a pretty classic pattern too.

A few more pretty styles.

Ok- not sure about the tiger one.
Especially because of how they styled it here..eek
The Ripple is a great pattern though that I see lots
of gals re-creating
I actually thrifted a couple below.

This pattern is crazy gorgeous-
and it is a "Flower Fountain".

Here they show you the layout and colors by chart.

Here is a nautical themed child afghan.
Pretty cute.
It would look amazing in a boys vintage theme nursery.

More charts.

Feeling American?
This piece would be perfect for that man in your life....hehe

Hope you had fun seeing these patterns.
I will keep you apprised of my future projects
from this pamphlet. 


Pattern for the 'The New Charleston Garden'.

April 08, 2014

Thrifting, and other Things

I have been happily busy around the
house; organizing, sewing, teaching kids,
decorating and thrifting.....

Here are few pics of what I've been up to.

Making and arranging....


Lots of great thrifting....

Trying out new Ice Cream recipes...

Sewing new Spring dresses....

Its a great Spring so far.

What have you been up to?


April 04, 2014

April Printable-It's So Dear

New addition to the Printable a Month Club.

Go here to see what other free printables
I have designed.

Aren't they so sweet.

I got the image off of a vintage greeting card.

I edited it and cleaned it up.

I did a few with "you're a dear" and "For You" sentiment.

The Bible scripture I chose is from Galatians 5:22, 23,
about having the fruit of the Spirit.

Look it up if you haven't read it in a while.

 It's a wonderful verse for
Spring and the growing season,
and frankly for any time.

For fun I also added a Shakespeare quote,

"April hath put a spirit of 
youth in everything".

Didn't they turn out cute?
If you would like this printable then go Here.

I hope you enjoy it and can bless another with it.


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